PTS Update 05/02/2021 (12.7)

Hello SnowRunners!

We've just put up another update on the PTS with some bug fixes and the long logs trailer for the Pacific P16! Thanks so much for your continued feedback!

PTS DLC 3: Patch 12.7

  • Added long logs trailer for Pacific P16
  • Fixed a bug where the mini crane and some addons were clipping into each other on the 'International Paystar 5600TS' truck
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to load Medium Logs cargo into 'Caterpillar 745C' truck with 'Log Carrier' addon

It seems not far from the official release

Gamingwheel is talking about a 2-3 week delay.

It's look like it's the last, few fixes, already 7 patchs, phase 2 only had 4.
Maybe a quick release of an official community post with content and name of the paid DLC truck.

If they follow the patch 10 :
patch 10.0 : 2/10
patch 10.1 : 9/10
patch 10.2 : 13/10
patch 10.3 : 19/10
patch 10.4 : 23/10
community update with content : 26/10
release date info : 9/11
release date : 16/11

in 1-3 days : content info
in 2 weeks : release date info
in 3 weeks : release

@Tolinx21 That would still be within february... but I honestly don't think it'll take that long. Release on the 16th is my guess

White star fenders have not been fixed, still clipping most attachments.
CT680: petrol tank collides with metal detector. However, very minor.
CT680: rear wheels are twitching in garage when attaching fuel tank.
CLT9000: fenders clips log carrier front.
4070A: loading crane touches petrol tank on both sides. However, extremely minor.
C70: low fifth wheel is incorrectly placed.
Dan: low fifth wheel is incorrectly placed.
Dan: Spare wheel clips fuel tank.
Dan: Spare wheel clips flatbed front mount.
Dan: Spare wheel clips sideboard bed. However, very minor.
P12: maintenance addon ladders clips left rear wheels.
BM17: loader crane clips spare wheel.
Zikz: fenders clips log carrier front
Azov 5319: fenders clips log carrier front.
Azov 64131: fenders clips log carrier front.
Azov 73210: fender clips log carrier front.
M916A1: loader crane clips left rear wheels.
All trucks: Loader crane not attached to frame, you can see gaps between the loader crane and the frame when loader crane is moving when driving.

That's just what i found in like 20 min.

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I'd remove the saddle low from the DAN at all. Look at the meaningful position with respect to the axles and the remaining frame length as well as potential collisions of that "tail" with the trailer. Same for 2070A, C70, SD114. And use the gap in the dan between bed and remaining truck for a small crane as with the Bandit.

There are really enough short frame trucks for saddle-low in the game. And the M916 needs a lot, but no crane.

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Depends on if Dan actually had such attachments IRL. Without knowing i would probably also remove it. For other trucks, minor adjustments might work. Like they did on M916A1, by just moving the fifth wheel a few cm, it can now turn with a semi trailer without it colliding with the truck. And you can't really tell they moved it just by looking at it.

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I personally do not care a lot what a truck has IRL. It has to fit in the game somehow. And it should not kick the physics - what a saddle behind the rear axle typically does. Thats a guarantee for a jack-knife accident with the first harsh braking or severe load pushing you downhill.

See as C70 example:
1d75cbd2-dad6-4dab-aa0d-51ed5a20278c-grafik.png ... the DAN is the same.

The 2070A with saddle low for example has such a frame collision issue with the trailer as soon as you have severe pitch angles as its 5th wheel sits correctly, but there is a lot of frame left. And for the sake of gameplay - a truck being allowed to have flatbed plus crane plus trailer should have the low saddle removed. And in case of the 5070 - remove the trailer option as soon as you use crane plus flatbed. The remaining space for a trailer and its constant collision in any turn is a joke.

Edit: If you think, a Paystar 5070 needs to have a crane plus more than 2 cargos - take the saddle low and look at Poghrims Trailer pack with a 3 or 4 Slot semi. VERY usable and not too long. Nice compromize. Better than having two nearly identical 5 slot semis. I am only missing a 6 slot gooseneck offroad heavy and a 4 slot gooseneck OFFROAD for lighter loads.

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I forgot about C70 fifth wheel placement, yeah that one is messed up too. And that has been mentioned several times AFAIK. But i do agree, if minor adjustments can't solve it, then remove it.

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@JTT @idiocracy
Thanks for pointing at all these errors again. People were asking this since day 1 of the release but it never got fixed.
For DAN, IRL the BAZ has a hauler version with shorter base and frame. There is also 8x8 version of BAZ as well.

I really wish instead of stupid curtains, they let us customize truck frame length and wheel formula (at least choose some variants from existing ones) to fit actual trucks layout for different purpose.
As well as I really miss prerequisite modules from Spintires. It looks so stupid when hot exhaust pipe is pass exactly next to the temperature sensitive fuel tank. There used to be a fire safe exhaust (under the front bumper) on all old soviet fuel tankers. I really wish them make this exhaust, flash lights and appropriate sign as a prerequisite to mount fuel barrel, US maintenance module or any flammable cargo like fuel barrels. It would be realistic. But, unfortunately, I don't think it ever happens in Snowrunner.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video


We have only 1-st one BAZ 69092 in the game. But for semi-trailers we should use 6402 and/or 6403

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any update when "Gone with the Wind" mission fix?

Restart the mission
5 new "bricks" will be placed on the map.
When I restarted the mission, the stuck one remained stuck, but a little further down the river (really close to the stuck one) a new one appeared, this one I was able to pull out of the river.
Was able to deliver 5 "bricks" and finish the mission.
Good Luck


If the Devs would bring out a DAN variant with a shorter frame for "semi-tasks", I'd be fine. See the MTVR Series as a mod - really good example. 4x4, two different 6x6 and one short frame semi hauler. Each one has a special feature/gameplay purpose. Despite the "tire tweaks" making them really good, the gameplay point of view behind is exactly on spot. Each one has it "can do and cant" and what it can do, it can do really well.

Still Wisconsin is not found on the menu....

the "wrong direction" task is not valid with the trailer on the site.

This post is deleted!

What about the video settings? Are they finally fixed?