Truck Bug Fixed !!

I have just fixed bugs on the two Wisconsin maps , the two new trucks can be found without restarting the entire game !! Mission Complete 100% ..

SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.02.02 - (Klein).png

How did you do it? Did you edited truck files or maps or something? Please let me know.

Hey Jaakko95 .. Yes I fixed the error yesterday , do you have the problem that you can't find the 2 new trucks on the Wisconsin maps??

@936-Farmer-CH Yes. I have that same problem.

Ok .. Here is my solution to the truck bug on both Wisconsin maps , Black Badger Lake and Grainwoods River !! is only for PTS on Windows 10 Based Systems ..

Step 1 .. Start Snowrunner , go to the Blackbadger Lake map , take any vehicle from the shop and leave the shop and wait until you see the save on the display. It may take a moment , it is shown right green !! Then quit the game completely.

Step 2 .. Go to your folder my documents / My Games / SnowRunnerBeta / base / storage / 8cd9aae88e094fa7bed7af8e5c5628b7 Copy this folder completely and create it on the desktop. Data backup !! then open this folder and Copy CompleteSave , paste it on the desktop , open CompleteSave with Wordpad only with this it works !! in the first line of the document CompleteSave1 , only the 1 Add Done , Close the document and save , now rename the document also in CompleteSave1 it must be visible on the desktop !! Now copy this document and paste it into your Documents / My Games / SnowRunnerBeta / base / storage / 8cd9aae88e094fa7bed7af8e5c5628b7 , now you have a new game slot !! Start Snowrunner now and you will see a new score , now the new slot start not the old first !! Black Badger Lake must be the starting point and the store select a vehicle. Leave the store and drive to the farm in the south in the swamp where the Pacific 512F can be found , because discovering and recovering !! Now continue straight up the hill , past the Red Storage , towards the Grainwood River , I'll add a waypoint description , then when you are in Grainwood River you will find the International Paystar 5600TS at Walzsteel Factory in the east of the map , discover Bergen and off to the store !! Then Quit Snowrunner , and delete the CompleteSave document in Documents / My Games / SnowRunnerBeta / base / storage / 8cd9aae88e094fa7bed7af8e5c5628b7 .. and rename the CompleteSave 1 document to CompleteSave that's it !! Now you have the old score back , but with Pacific 512F and International Paystar 5600TS .. Good Luck !!

SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.02.03 - - Kopie (Klein).png
SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.02.03 - - Kopie (Klein).png SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.02.03 - - Kopie (Klein).png

This worked for me and looks easier. Be warned though you MUST retain ALL vehicles with this method.

Hey gbeeTen ... great that you liked the other procedure.

Farmer CH his procedure is based on the same principle to generate a new map with the "hidden" trucks. And his procedure might be better for not loosing truck out there ... since it works on another save slot ... (make sure the slot is free)
Guess you can pick the procedure you are most comfortable with.

Farmer CH thank you for sharing your approach 🙂