Hi Server Admins,

Version 0.8 just left my desk for release and is now available to you. This time I integrated 65 custom maps for your convenience and finally a Map Manager with which you can add maps yourself. Of course there are lots of minor changes and things you have requested, like the Frenzy Mutator Switch, that are now incorporated - see the complete list of changes on the link below! Already, the v0.9 list is growing 😉

Download at: http://www.isrt.info

Main Windows

Server Monitor

Map Manager

Release Notes:

  • Added 65 new custom maps to ISRT
  • Implemented the new Map Manager for adding/changing custom maps
  • Integrated a Frenzy Mutator Switch in the Map Changer

Support me:
Please remember that my software is free, but I would really like, if you consider dropping me a couple of bucks for a coffee or so, if you like my tool - I have now spent 788 hours of development and even though it's fun, maintaining server and testing infrastructure is nearly 500€/year! You can find alink for a Paypal donation on my website, as well.

Thanks and HF

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