Medium log delivery not possible (PTS 12.5)

Hmm, I just had quite the opposite experience. I delivered 2x medium logs for a contract in Alaska - North Port using 1x medium logs and they didn't get consumed, I still had them and could go deliver them elsewhere. I was using CAT 745 with Log Carrier addon. It was coop and I was playing as client.

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Had the same in "Drowned Lands". Loaded 1 Trailer with medium logs and delivered it to the Farm. There I could the one trailer 6 times unload to fullfill the contract at once.

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Makes my load cheese bit easier, so don't have to do the bring in some cases 6 loads cross map. I would load all logs in a trailer then. So if 6 loads that is 18 logs in a that blue sided semi trail then bring that to drop off with a crane to load trailers. It just allows me to skip trailer loading and 3 trucks i need to get it done. Before update 12.4 had to use 3 trucks cause loading now can do with 2

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@Fratzegeballer Thank you for the report! We will check this bug.