12.4 Update .. The Perfect Nightmare !!

No more mods on PTS since Friday noon , without mods Snowrunner is like a winter in the Swiss Alps without snow !! the two new trucks the Pacific P512 and the International Paystar 5600TS both cannot be found on any map , medium logs and long logs cannot be loaded , neither with crane or automatically , neither on truck or trailer .. display settings are still not saved !! the perfect nightmare , is that the future of Snowrunner ??

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Don't care about cheesy/cheap mods. I play the game how it was designed.

I understand your disappointment, but it is called Public Test Version for a reason.
We will investigate this issues.

@aessiq i've been fighting the PTS since early December. I have posted numerous times. 12.4 was going to be our saviour but fuxed again.. I prefer the PTS because I map , the standard Editor doesn't have the options that the PTS has.

@rufus Well, play live then? I don't encounter any bugs there. It's not the newest stuff, but the most stable. Whenever PTS breaks, I just c&p my savegame into the stable version and play that, until PTS is operational again. Not the first time, that happened. I remember some time in october when steering wheel support partially broke. Happens.

You will never encounter a bug free testing branch. That's not its purpose. That's the stable versions purpose. The purpose of PTS is to release the barely tested, bug infested, new stuff into the wild to have the community be an army in search of bugs, so the developers can divert their menpower from testing to fixing what the community found for the stable branch and development of new stuff for the next version of PTS. Notice how the fixes go into stable, PTS either, ofc, but that way stable will always get well tested, working updates, while the new, untested stuff, gets added to PTS. This is what makes new features at such a frequency even possible after all. The game, while lacking features compared to PTS, is fixed. The game itself is at 11.2 currently. Not 12.4.
So yes, have them worry about license plates (and maybe some less wonky camera controls when using a steering wheel maybe? Pls?) in PTS, so we can look for the issues with the new stuff, point it out, and get it well rounded into the stable branch at a later point.

In short, you want the newest stuff? Expect errors. You don't want errors? Don't expect the newest stuff. You want both? That's not gonna happen.

@Ärger said in 12.4 Update .. The Perfect Nightmare !!:

Well, play live then?

We do have a history of "push technology" and as soon as they announced that "push" would no longer apply to PC ~ 12.4 arrived and no one had access to mods.

They "push" to PC and Console and XBox

So therefore one cannot actually play "live" as you say. I can't believe this company was behind, Microsoft's Halo ~ but believe me, they have all the keys ~ they are actually over stepping their legal authority.

@gbeeTen said in 12.4 Update .. The Perfect Nightmare !!:

So therefore one cannot actually play "live" as you say.

I can't really follow you on this one. Maybe it's the phrasing. By live, I mean the stable version. 11.2. Mindlessly adopted that term from other users on this forum. I just played the stable version for two hours without a single issue. It just doesn't have coloured addons, license plates, nor Wisconsin yet, but all mods work and I didn't encounter a single bug there. Though maybe I just didn't get where you were trying to go with that.

I have no issues loading long logs but I'm unable to load medium logs. Can't load auto or with crane.

@Ärger thank you for the reality check. i get all wound up over nothing often. You are absolutely correct. ty again