Medium log trailer can't load logs now?(12.4)

Even if the logs are manually placed, they will report an error and cannot be packaged. The newly added log frame does not seem to have a cargo type set. Now the medium logs are not transportable, which almost disables most tasks in the new area. In addition, a considerable number of trucks now exclude log trailers, while other trucks that seem to be similar are allowed to connect. What are the criteria for exclusion? Collision? KVISA is not available in this version, it is really a confusing version.


I noticed it to, and I found a temporal walkaround I posted in this thread.

@treneroefc said in Log carrier and Logs Autoload Issues found and Feedback (12.4):

Manually loaded the medium logs can't pack neither.

The only thing i can do to be able to pack the load is to load the truck addon pack the cargo on the addon after that manually load the trailer with the medium logs, once loaded atach the trailer, unpack the truck cargo and when you press pack cargo both truck and trailer packs.