Ingame PTS Mods Disabled !!

Hey all Snowrunners .. is there a mod memory limit or not ?? The mods are currently still inactive on PTS , is it a bug or the permanent state now??

@936-Farmer-CH According to NetRunner on this console thread ( 2nd post), there is one and looking at the forums, it's broken currently (I cant even enable a 0.3mb sized mod on a 16gb PC and seemingly am not the only one.

Thanks a Lot for your Fast Feedback !! Thanks

You're welcome. Though that has been more of a coincedence. Just got up and lurk here until I figured out what I do next to entertain myself :v
Would have been nice if it was mentioned in the patch notes and researching into that issue until I found something official took me a while, so I figured I'd share my findings for easier access. Haven't found anything else official other than that one statement on something with such a deep impact in gameplay. Feels kinda odd to me.

Is there now this memory limitation only on the PTS or later in the regular Snowrunner Game ? because with me running in the regular game 40 mods absolutely perfect despite sometimes with 1000 megabytes per mod or more .. The mod browser also works fantastic , but only in full game and not on the PTS !!

It's been introduced on PTS for testing afaik. I started having that issue yesterday on PTS 12.3 right before 12.4 came online, but the stable build hasn't gotten that update yet. It's on PTS for testing, but (hopefully when fixed) might come to the other one aswell.