Long logs trailer and colorable addons feedback

The log trailer
A welcome addition to current trailer for long logs would be an ability to pack it up on truck from function menu when the trailer is attached for easier transportation by placing rear trailer part on front frame addon, especially since the real counterpart the trailer was based on, appears to be designed that way to be packable.
alt text
alt text

The said trailer also got missing connection between the axle and wheels:
alt text
(appears like it suppose to look like the axles in P16)

Also, if you don't got plans for any special trailer for P16, why not just create different texture variant for the long log trailer. Maybe even give it ability to carry sequoia.

Colorable addons
Since Kung received a new model and textures and now can be colored along with the truck, would be nice if exclusive to TUZ 16 and 108 addons received the same option to match the truck color. And on the side note, the colorable service addon for Loadstar has still broken skin.

@Nextej great idea add the option to pack the carrier on the truck like the real ones.

Other thing about the new van body addon, it would be nice if for the russian trucks instead of service with latin letters they put it in cyrillic,

but the ability to change the color of the van body is a great addition atleast for the american trucks, maybe in the future they could do it to with the american heavy crane, and the sideboard addon.

Greetings and keep it improving the game.

That P500 looks awesome! But yeah the trailer should land in the notch on the headache rack on the P16 - should be the same on the P500.

This would be perfect for the Pacifics!

@treneroefc would be actually nice to have a possibility between choosing the "SERVICE" either written in russian or english, maybe like a addon sticker or something.

Still looking really forward to making a fleet of Pacific's in the game to match those in my yard! Great work devs!

Here are some examples from my website of typical Pacific and packing empty trailers. The bunks on the truck and trailer need to be a bit wider so that when the trailer is packed onto the truck the trailer sits between the stakes rather than the stakes between the trailer tires. Especially on the P16, these trucks typically had bunks that were 14' or 16' wide (much wider than the truck's rear axles / tires). The bunks on a typical highway truck like the P512 are usually about 8'6 to 10' wide (the truck is roughly 8') Some P16's and P500's below.

The horizontal bit on the truck bunk (circled in red) in the screenshot could be deleted to make the model a bit more accurate for a standard logging truck - this is correct for a preload off highway truck but this isn't a preload truck. This should be removed on the P512 as well and the trailer slide back when loaded on the truck so that the front axle sits where the rear axle sits:


The P16 needs its right hand side hood side panel or better yet an option to remove or add them as an addon in the game.