Fuel/repair garage in hardcore mode...

I just dont get why you have to make so drastic changes. Im not sure if its a bug or not, but I entered the first garage and I noticed that I dont get either fuel or repairs.

Im not entirely against this, but thing is, why do you have to go all the way like this? Why not use the spintires/mudrunner method where you would get up to 200 L of fuel? And for repairs it could be the same, that each part would get repaired up to 100 or 200 (not sure about the numbers), altho this is a bit more iffy since the random damage trucks tend to get randomly

And the slow switching to reverse is a dick move.

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What's even the point of hardcore mode nearly 1 year after release? I certainly won't be starting my campaign over, and with the huge amount of cash I have accumulated, hardcore seems kind of pointless now. It should have been part of the game since day 1.

Well... Your cash doesnt transfer ir you start a new game... And the benefits of hardcore mode is that they should not have to use those long bullshit stalling quests with 20 materials to deliver since hardcore mode would already made the missions longer... Altho Im pretty sure they wont ever tweak them...

Honestly, a lot of things in this game just scream bad design. Features that dont take in account other features... Maps that dont integrate features... Bad tweaking overall...

And adding that no fuel no repair thing in maps that dont have repair stations is just... Well, bad design. Or that this feature of no fuel no repair is stupid in garages that literally have fuel stations and repair stations like zimmagrosk. It should been have thought from the start and it would have made the maps more interesting.

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@Highee That's not a bug, in garage there suppose to be an option to pay to repair the truck fully which price depending on the truck class, seem like the values are in files, but actual option is not implemented yet. As for fuel, I think the only thing meant to provide it, are the fuel stations (if they only worked in hard mode).

if i have to pay for repair and fuel then im out of this mess... i wish the saint that made spintires+ came back to fix this freaking mess...

ok ppl, stay out ...while all hardcore fans are eager and waiting for HM...for sure no auto fuel/repairs in garage, mrunner 200l was a very bad compromise, we need REAL control!!

i wonder how many of you "hardcore fans" are there, and how many of you are even going to complete more than one location with this