US_03_02_CARGO_ON_ISLANDS_TS, can't lift the bricks(still in 12.7)

The bricks at the bottom seem to conflict with the rock model. No matter how hard you try, you can't lift it up. In the position in the picture, reset task cannot solve this problem.

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yes we got the same problem here too, they are stuck in the rocks, both coop and single play

@Rodeown Hello! It's SnowRunner Support.
Could you please get us a ksiva code so that we pass it to our team for the investigation, if the porblem is still out there? (it's at the bottom screen, may be enabled in the settings).

@NetRunner Maybe this issue is related to this post, pick up icon interfers with the winch point.

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@treneroefc Not the same, you can connect the cable to the cargo, and you can lift one end out of the water, but that's all.

@NetRunner KSIVA :p:e8371 still locked to the rocks, tips truck over as in picture if you try to force it out bricks.jpg

Mission have name now, but the bug till exists


On the 28th of January I got two email replies for this.

Good evening .. The bricks in the river can only be recovered in this direction as marked on the map , and only with a heavy-duty crane , the standard crane does not have enough pulling power !! and then only with brute force ..