Please Help Shady Part of Me

thank you for helping me.

I need help here;

After pressing Q key girl does not fall on the adjacent plank as she is supposed to but rather falls down (see screenshot)

As a result game cannot continue. I have repeated this hundreds upon hundreds of times. Is this a glitch in this game?

I have scanned many, many video walkthroughs . They all present pretty much exactly the same way. These walkthroughs do not offer an alternative execution. It is a simple move that should take seconds. Player presses Q and metal man turns into girl. Girl is supposed to drop on the adjacent wooden platform and bounce over.

I've tried turning the metal man NESW . It makes no difference. They do not drop to the adjacent wooden platform.

Instead they fall rendering the execution useless and halting any further progress within game. Something is wrong and I need help.

What is remarkable is that Girl simply falls downward. It doesn't feel like I am missing a step and yet I know that they HAVE to land in a different place in order to continue my game until the end. It is almost as if I want to rule out any glitch in the game.

I think that I can confidently rule out the positions on the hot spot as being the issue. There are no positions left to try.

All I can gather is that maybe there is some sort of bizarre keyboard combination that must be punched at the exact minute Q is pressed. A+D or W+S or something. Maybe some combination even more bizarre.

Is there anyone here who can help me?