"The Wrong Turn" task - Maintenance trailer can't be delivered without fuel <12.2> (still present in 12.4)

When you find the trailer there is no fuel in it and when you try to deliver it, the game doesn't recognize it. When you put some fuel in it then the game recognizes it and task can be completed, as seen in the clip:

I suspect this bug already existed but task trailers are always full and this was not a problem, but in this case it comes empty.

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Hello @Amynue
Thank you for the detailed report.
We will look into this case.

@Amynue Wow! Nice idea - thanks a lot for the solution! I was already wondering what I´m doing wrong...

The task still won't accept the trailer without fuel in it - PTS 12.4

After restarting the task it now spawns with 100% fuel, so I guess you changed that, but the problem with task not accepting it when it's empty still remains.

That's strange because it worked fine for me about a week ago even when the tank was empty.