Rail section crafting Feedback(12.2)

Hello, I noticed something with the crafting of rail sections which differs with the logic of other crafted materials.
Currently in game to craft things you need to carry the same amount of slots of materials that the slots the thing you want to craft takes, I don't know if I explained it well so here and example:

To craft concrete slabs that takes two slots on the truck you will need two slots of cement, but to craft concrete blocks which only takes one slot on the truck you will only need one slot of cement.

That logic is the same for all the materials currently in game with the exception of the cabins but that makes sense since the wood is for the interior of the cabin. but in the case of the rail sections right now (12.2) the game ask you for 2 metal beams which takes 4 slots and 4 wooden planks which takes 4 slots, all combined makes a total of 8 slots of cargo for each rail section, but the rail section only takes 5 slots on the trucks, I don't think that this makes much sense expecilly after seen the volume the rail track ocuppies which is much more less of the volume of all the materials ask combined.
So my suggestion is to make the game ask for the same quantity of slots that the rail section currently takes on the trucks, for example 1 metal beam and 3 wooden planks or 2 metal beams and 1 wooden plank, I think it make more sense 1 metal beam and 3 wooden planks.
Other solution could be don't touch the amount of materials asked for but change the amount of rail sections crafted to for example x2.

What do you think?

Greetings and keep it improving the game.

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unless I am miss-remembering, to make bricks, you need 1 unit of sand from the quarry and 1 unit of cement, yet bricks themselves only take up 1 unit of space, so there is precedent even if most others have some parity.

@b101uk cabins break the rule too but in the case of the rail sections, I think the quantity of materials needed is to high for the 3d model of the Rail sections (too much material wasted) and that also make the mission of reparing the rail tracks artificially longer and tedious.