The Trailer Generator IMO has a logic of use problem, in that to start or stop the generator you must connect a truck to it via the drawbar towing eye, while in reality there would be no requirement to do so, as they are a self-contained unit that allows standalone operation.

the problem is, if you do manual loading of cargo and have the small crane to facilitate that there are many trucks that are prevented from connecting to drawbar trailers when they have the small crane and a flatbed body etc combination, which means a second truck must be taken there to allow the starting of the Trailer Generator in order to craft at a location if you do manual loading of cargo.

would it not be better to give the Trailer Generator a quasi designation half-way between trailer and truck, so it can be switched to like a truck via the V menu but with very limited options within the V menu like just "Start Generator", "Stop Generator" "change truck" and "Refuel", which would be a much more elegant solution, while the view position for the Trailer Generator akin to a cab view could just be on the left side of the Trailer Generator by the control panel door at ~1.8m to ~2m height, akin to standing by the Trailer Generator.