Regarding Listing Community Servers

Hey Guys,

Just have a quick question if you can help me. I want to play community servers with my friends from Turkey. I do connect to Insurgency community servers from the Netherlands. All the regions are selected from the main menu. (Europe is selected). They have Europe selected as well. Problem is that they see almost five hundred servers listed but I only see around 190. If I give you a particular example, BADASS community servers. They see all, I just see one or two. I used a VPN and went to the internet over Turkey. I have seen more BADASS but still was not same as they have. Is anyone have an idea? Is there any support email or contact point from Insurgency that I can ask to

must have to do with the provider nodes, and there is nothing you can do about it other than maybe complain with them.
Had the same problem when I was living in Spain; it would show me ca. 200 servers max, sometimes very few only, even though I had a supposedly 1 GB fibre optic connection.
Now in Germany, I have a DSL line with 250 MB, 7 to 14 ms ping, and I see 500+ community servers always...