Hello all. Let me start by saying I've been playing this game for a year now. Granted that may not mean anything, but the call for frenzy has been made by many fans of insurgency and I think it's time we receive a response (which I hopefully didn't overlook or miss). I spent a LOT of time playing frenzy just like many others. For me, it was a way to almost relax from the typical game-type and tactics. Some days it's nice to just sit back and simply shoot and not have to worry about being shot at. The game-mode (I.M.O) was a fantastic way to help new players understand the mechanics of the game and get a feel for what PVE or PVP would require. A lot of my frenzy matches consisted of very low-level players; many of whom were in their first match ever. I've heard of many people getting the game after seeing streams on twitch of frenzy and wanting to try it themselves. Isn't that the kind of publicity this game needs? To me, it was like Sandstorm's own zombies. Frenzy is obviously very different from other games' zombie modes, which is great, but still carries a similar feel to it if that makes any sense. Just as I had read in another forum, "every successful war game has its zombie mode". The game-mode was fantastic since I'm in love with the mechanics and realism of the game but enjoy the escape from the typical gameplay and frustrations that come with the game-modes that are currently available. Playing the same few "shoot enemies and avoid fire" game-types can get boring after a few matches. I'd also like to mention that frenzy was a huge part of why I played the game as much as I did, especially with the addition of night modes. I understand the idea of adding a temporary game-type such as headshots only, pistols only, starting with no points, etc... It offers something different and allows you guys to draw in more people and interest; however, some game-modes shouldn't be removed and I'd strongly argue that Frenzy is absolutely one of them. Custom servers aren't the same and don't offer a similar experience. I really love what you guys are doing with this game and I understand that this is hard work and isn't easy and you guys have to make choices and all that. With that being said, listen to the people that ARE here. Listen to the folks that spent the money to try a game that isn't really too well known. Listen to the people that are here before I, and I'm sure others, subsequentially lose their interest. Frenzy could be a huge success. It could have other game-types and maybe even rotate sides from time to time. Just a thought from a supportive customer that loves what you guys over at NWI do and respects the grind. To go from modders to full-time game-makers must've been nuts! I remember seeing a video (I'm not sure who posted it or where I watched it) of you guys talking about the whole experience. I'm so glad you decided to go your own way with the mechanics and such. Much more fun than those other arcade-style shooters out there (which have their place of course and are enjoyable in their own way). It's nice to be different but could you concede that maybe the difference isn't always necessary for something to be great? Sorry for the long post and if this topic has already been spammed, I'd just really like to see a change and hate to see Frenzy go.