Equipment camo issue

So I've been playing insurgency for a while and never have I ever saw my vest camo once, I always notice it become tan but forget to change it, then once I change it to something green it goes back normal, there is one fix to it but it only works on the default vest which does not have any armor, but when you change the armor ingame it goes back, does anyone have the same issue?

Yeah, since the snow maps came i changed my camo to be as white as possible, but i noticed that even when i start insurgency from desktop and go to cuztomization, armor and equipment isnt loaded with my saved camo. but the correct camo is selected for armor and backpacks. When i put the right camo for backpacks and swap them in preview, the camo goes do default but a different kind is actively selected but not visible. And ingame it is allways default.