PTS stuck on Loading -> solution (Maybe???!!!)

PTS was stuck on the loading screen, but did not crash. (and I think I broke the save by killing Snowrunner while loading the first time after the upgrade)

By editing my "CompleteSave.dat" file I was able to load the game again and enjoy Winconsin.
For me the problem was located in the objectiveStates section of the "CompleteSave.dat" (My game was in the first slot)
I replaced the complete section of almost 242000 characters, with the objectiveStates section I pulled from a new game (In PTS ... Played the game till first garage discovered and went to other region and back to Michigan). This section was only 2346 chars long.

Make sure to have a copy so you can return to your current state.
Make these changes at your own risk, don't blame the devs if this does not work ... just blame me ... 😇

Search for the section starting with "objectiveStates":{ and ends with ,"failReasons":{}}} ... Notepad++ can help you to identify if you have the correct pair of {} ... place the cursor behind the first{, it will be marked in red ... than search for the matching } Make sure to replace the entire section ... if you only miss 1 { or }, your profile will not be listed to be loaded.
Had to try a few times before I got it right.

Only your progress will return to a low percentage, but you keep your level / money / trucks / upgrades / ...
You cannot replay the old contracts/tasks ... you can activate them, but the objective is no longer there (Eg rescue the Chevy at the farm in Black River ...) ... maybe you can add / save some objectives from the original save file. (Have not tried that)

Hope this will help a few to get PTS running again ...
Sorry Devs, for the ugly hack, but it got me in Winconsin ... but a big thank you for the environment you created ...

How do you get rid of the null words in the save?

You don't.
Guess it is a way to tell the parameter is not required