PTS 12.0: I might have found the "infinite savegame loading" problem: contracts/tasks data seems incorrect!

Hi folks!

After some digging in my files, I found in an old(June 2020) backup of my savegame, so I gave it a try on the PTS, It worked!!!
Being very devoted into finding what's causing the savegame infinite loading in the PTS. I transfered gradually, piece-by-piece, parts of my main savegame in my old one...

So I began by selling all the trucks and every upgrades(garages, warehouse and on-maps) on both savegames.

After something line 50 attempts and 6 hours of success&fails, I figured that almost everything is ok in the savegame :
money, experience, map-data(discovered watchtowers, garages, trucks&upgrades) and profile data.

The only data that I couldn't transfer, as far as I can tell, are the Contracts and tasks.

So, the most obvious source of the problem is the last one.

I'm just pissed that I must lose 90% of my progress to play on the PTS...

Best regards.

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Figure it would have to be something task related wish they did not give this broken mess of a pts and not give any updates about when the fix is coming, thanks for the hard work buddy for narrowing it down.