Wheel Settings Do Nothing on PTS/ External Handbrake Can't be Used?

Running a Logitech G920 w/ corresponding Logitech "H-Pattern" Shifter and am noticing that no matter what settings are used from in game menu, wheel stays the same and no changes are affected. Far too stiff and stuck that way, game ignores all changes you make from external software when you tab back in also.
Additionally... seems the game has NO ability to use additional controllers beyond wheel + m&k. Such as an external USB handbrake... perhaps to toggle the handbrake? Maybe this functionality will be added in future updates. One can dream, as they say.

If your external Handbrake is a simple USB device and detected by "run joy.cpl" -> you may use AUTOHOTKEY to assign the "handbrake" keystroke to your usb device.

Problem: Since PTS 10 the system has an issue if there is a usb message (such as "any analog axis has changed by "-2") and the keyboard. When you rock the wheel from left to right, you can hit the Q or E key as you wish - its ignored.

SnowRunner has totally effed my wheel, so much so that I actually bought a new one ~ I wasted €400.

It effects all my driving games too