The Mudrunner Map Editor -Where can i get THAT?

I would really like to make maps. I cant find anywhere to get the map-editor. The editor is the one used here in the tutorial
Where can i get this tool?

@aMuddyHand Hello.
If you bought the game, the Editor will be available in the folder with it.
For example, in the example in the video, it is available here: С:\Program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common.

@aessiq I got my game as a gift from EPIC. I suppose you have been paid for each of these Dls (?) -So i 'kind-of' did 'buy' the game, EPIC paid YOU, for my purchase! -Right?
I have attempted to use spintire-Mudrunner-Editor, and it was successful until i test-loaded my test-map in Mudrunner-game, then u get this error:
I do have both unlocked and active trucks in the test map, but i suppose that the compatibility between editor and Game-engine is not working.
Its a shame that only Steam seams to be willing to support the editor(?) Why does EPIC not have a compatible editor?