[(tiny) feedback] Phase 3 - Missions, Vehicles, Trailers

Hey there!

Beside from the recent issues and challenges we are dealing with right now I want to share some of my thoughts about the new content here.

Due to the corrupted savegame I had to start a new one - that causes lack of upgrades for the new vehicles

Beautiful landscape and surprisingly sunny over a long period. So I enjoyed the exploration very much.
The paths and trails are challenging in some places but still fun do drive on with scouts and trucks.

The new Paystar is an interesting truck. It seemingly can handle a lot of things at the same time like a crane and bed or semitrailers, which is helpful besides of log transports.
I didn't use it yet because of the missing AWD - call me a coward ^^ hopefully it will have it in the future 🤞🏽

The BOAR was (upgrade wise) accessible for me and I`m using it for the log transport missions on "Black River". (see above for the reason)
Still having the smallest machine but it can handle the long logs already.
It´s almost like the P12 but because of the shorter body a little bit more agile.

The new stickers and curtains & stuff are funny. I like them. The boar for the BOAR.. just cute! ^^

Both are working as intended.

Criticism: there´s no truck bed yet which can handle medium logs. Imho it is a must have....we had it back then in Mudrunner, right?! 😉

Solid & working

Criticism (at the current state) some of them are not providing any rewards.
Amount of logs makes the transports boring because you need to go X times the same route to finish the job...smaller amounts but more spots to deliver to would be my suggestion.(plus the truck bed - see "Trailer(s))

To be fair -because of the recent situation- I leave it there until the devs had time to fix some things 🤞🏽 👍🏽

It´s already fun to "work" in Wisconsin - looking forward to the future there!
Grateful we´ve logs again!


Does the Cat 745C have the log carrier now?

@TomiP16 Sorry - missed your question...

Unfortunately not yet. Status today:

Sorry, theres one point I dont agree: the trailer for medium logs is, friendly said, worse. It has absolutely no balance and loves to throw away the cargo.

Did the new log job in first map of Yukon today and it was a pain. After the first two deliveries it gets massive boring driving those ways all over the map again and again, like we did for the Goldmine before. This is only challenging my patience, not any skills.
This is no Mudrunner feeling what is coming up by doing these missions.
Btw. In the end the mod Volat DL RSK saved my day by having a bed for medium logs and towing the trailer.

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@ElRubinho No sorry needed at all!
I agree with you - the trailer is for roads and not for offroad terrain...as all the trailers, right?!
Thank you for the mod advice! Igonna try it asap!

There´s still a lot of to do for the new maps but I´m positive for the future