US truck with always_AWD and always_difflock - please add that truck.

Russian part of game have trucks with always AWD and always difflock. For example Azov 5913, 64131, Tayga 6436, Voron AE-4380, Voron D3233 and more.
American's don't have a similar vehicle except ANK Mk38 - is it possible to can any trucks be added? FrameAddons cannot be changed in ANK

I'd rather see the perma-difflock feature completely removed from the game.

And in addition, I'd like to see the diff lock and low range mechanisms fixed as they've been broken since the release of the game.

If you want to "fix" the Auto-Difflock: Minimum is to apply the "AWD/Difflock penalty" with respect to fuel consumption also to the AUTO-AWD/DIFFLOCK trucks. Currently you have the benefit, but not the penalty.

Next would be to fix the Difflock Damage mechanism. Any difflock works fine as long as you do not force your truck around a corner. So modulate the damage probability and "time to react" with the steering angle being different from "straight ahead".

Third thing is that there are typically two stages of difflocks. The first stage (being common with older RU trucks) is a locked middle differential. The next stage (typical for more modern vehicles) is an additional lock of the axles. So if you want to make somthing "realistic", integrate these TWO mechanisms. Very modern trucks may have completely automatic difflocks.

An old Ural/Voron AE with "AUTO" is kind of a technical joke. Even my Unimog 1500 (germany army, 90ies) had two manual difflocks and a manual AWD. Although these were simply a switch and not a lever somewhere down-right as within the old URAL. If you go for realism - engaging AWD/difflock there requires you to stop and take 5 seconds 😉

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totally agree with above speakers - remove all perma awd and perma difflocks (except gaz 66)!

exsoviet permas - are fancy fake and devs mistake.


on most trucks you don't need to stop to engage AWD/Difflock, you just need to observe simple rules.
1: there is no wheel slip or "speed" difference between the axles or across the axles.
2: you are traveling almost in a straight line.
3: the throttle is balanced to speed, i.e. not accelerating or decelerating, else depress the clutch to cut drive totally.
4: you should be engaging AWD/Difflock before they are required while still on firm ground.

if you don't meet ALL the above requirements, then you must stop to engage AWD/Difflock.

once AWD/Difflock are set on you should make a couple of slight S-turns to encourage the dog-clutch in the transfer case (AWD) and diffs (Difflocks) to fully seat.

Even the U1500 et al can have AWD/Difflock set while moving if you follow the rules as per all 406, 416, 424, 425, 427, 435, 437 MBU/SBU Unimog's, and even the smaller Unimogs going back to the 60's like the 404's.

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there is NO section of tarmac long enough in snow runner to have ANY appreciable increase effect on fuel consumption from AWD/Difflock being engaged, given the inherent low traction of tarmac in-game, while permanent AWD with a centre diff (unlocked) has minimal impact on fuel use.

you then have the other side of the coin, on the long sections of dirt/mud tracks and so on AWD/Difflock being engaged would reduce fuel consumption, as there would be less inherent wheel slip and greater distance covered at a higher average more consistent speed with less acceleration and deceleration.

you will find most heavy trucks designed with high off-road bias have drivelines that are tolerant of AWD/Difflock (cross axle and or inter-axle) being on on hard surfaces, and under some circumstance like heavy on-road towing, heavy haulage and so on AWD is required to be on and even the diffs locked on the rear axle/s due to the very high torque produced from the combination of crawler gear use in the main gearbox and the low range torque multiplying in the transfer box/case. - i.e. not having AWD/Difflock would permit huge torque loads to be sent to one axle and even one wheel and if that wheel slips for a moment then regains traction it can create backlash in the gear-train that can twist-off half-shafts or shatter planetary hub reduction units.

it would only be in the main road bias trucks with more occasional use AWD/Difflock like for going on building sites that would suffer damage and transmission windup, as they are just not made to spend much of their working life off road under high torque high duty cycle conditions at maximum weight.


Well, I see that more from a gameplay (game mechanics) point of view. Fuel is a resource. It has nothing to do with the real world fuel capacity or range. If you drive offroad, you can waste your fuel in half a day - no problem. Whow many minutes is "half a day" in the game? With manual AWD, you consume more. I dont ask really "why", its like that in the game.

With the current AUTO AWD/DIFF mechanics and a missing penalty for using that (but having the advantage with traction) the trucks with manual DIFF and AWD have a strong disadvantage. Because these will consume more fuel even when occasionally using it in the "right" moments. So even a player making proper use of this mechanism has a disadvantage with such a truck rather than a reward for proper use.

  • AWD: If you turn it around as implemented now it makes sense. Any AUTO causes a penalty to fuel consumption. If you have a truck with manual DIFF/AWD - you can decrease that fuel penalty when you do not need this additional traction and so you have the chance to save some fuel. If you keep it always engaged - same as AUTO. Same truck, one with AUTO AWD the other with manual engaged all the time - they would consume the same.

  • Difflock: I suggest, that a manual difflock gets a traction bonus. You have currently a penalty of damaging your gearbox with manual DIFF, but no reward with respect to the AUTO users for proper use. But a punishment for an improper one. If you need a rational: AUTO Difflock locks not only the middle differential, the manual locks all axles with AUTO being a Torsen Differential. Something like that. Or you automatically "decrease tire pressure" when in low and engaging the difflock manually. Fuel consumption up, traction up. So a truck with manual AWD and Difflock asks for some more "handling" by the user, but a proper use is rewarded rather than "not punished that much".

By the way, my Unimogs User Manual insisted NOT to engage AWD and DIFF while driving. There are enough options to mitigate some damage (avoiding forces within drivetrain as you mentioned), but still there is a chance with "too optimistic interpretation of being cautious by Joe Average" to damage the drivetrain. Any Army needs anything quite foolproof. Bulletproof is another option 😉

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@Stazco said in US truck with always_AWD and always_difflock - please add that truck.:


totally agree with above speakers - remove all perma awd and perma difflocks (except gaz 66)!

exsoviet permas - are fancy fake and devs mistake.

The Lada Niva is perma AWD in real life. I know cause my grandfather used to own two of them.

its true (and switchable interaxle difflock), but im talking mainly about trucks, scouts are widely customizable, perma awd and even perma difflock is often seen.