Let me start with a basic questions, do you guys play the game you created at all ?

How does a brand new DLC truck have no AWD and no one caught it ?
(it is a basic essential piece to make the truck go especially on a mud map.)
How do you not know that there is not enough large pipes to complete a mission?
How do you not know the triggers for delivery for a recovery do not work ?
How do you not know there is no reward money on the vehicle recovery ?

Wisconsin map plays much smoother than yukon did on the DLC.
but it is obvious your not playing the game through before release to DLC.

So the obvious suggestion is this, I suggest you play the map through 1 time in PC and another person playthrough on console.
that would leave you to correct and work on code errors and such . that could be unintentional byproducts of going live for testing.
which would obviously streamline your ability to get these to the main game faster. when you leave out " obvious stuff " you are making it take longer to address code errors.
with obvious goofs out of the way then all other errors could come to light quicker and get resolved quicker.
which also cuts down on forum bitching from guys like me. lol
less clutter on feedback forum so you can zero in on programming conflicts

Another suggestion would be to have some sort of tutorial either of the forums or on screen when you add extra challenges.
because it really is not fair to some who can not figure it out, or to ignore them ( as you always do) and leave it on the community when all of us did pay good money for this game, and deserve some interaction with moderators, ( which is non existent) other than send us a request for recording data log ect kasiva code. some of us don't even know how to do that.
Are you guys so broke that you can't afford to pay someone to play the games through ? or have someone to interact with the community on the forums ?
You make it appear that we are a nuisance, you want our money ,and we can piss off. that is not a good market strategy

even something as simple to say like someone posts the new DLC truck is to low to the ground and suggest raising it. a short answer from the moderator like " thanks we will pass it along" would go a long way of at least feigning some interest in the product you are marketing.

anyway those are my suggestions. I Certainly mean no disrespect to a measure, but you need to get more involved with your own product.

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