Issues with Wisconsin...
  • There are not enough metal rolls to even begin to complete the tasks.

  • The Paystar 5600 cannot have AWD.

  • Moving long trailers through the tunnel portals causes an error message that the vehicle is too long and might cause collision issues.

  • Rail sections cannot be unloaded at their delivery points.

  • Unable to lift the sections of Sequoia tree. No attachment points for cranes, and the log loader won't grasp the tree trunk.

I'll post more as I encounter them.

there is enough steel beams to create enough rolled steel to complete the tasks do you have the crafting center open ?
you can create the steel by placing and starting the generator at the distribution center and create beems.

i unloaded all rail sections with out issue. pull up , un pack load . pick up with crane drop in yellow zone. press c and hit unload. you don't just push c and unload it there is a procedure on the rail sections.

I didn't try bringing an 8 slot across yet so i can't help you on that.

i haven't tried the tree clamp yet cannot help you on that . because the stupid AWD is broken so i am avoiding it

I drug the Paystar 5600 to the Sequoia tree with my Emil's Kolob. That thing is unstoppable, and does everything, everywhere.

My issue is with the number of steel rolls. I can make all the beams I need, but I need 12 steel rolls to build the paper mill, and there aren't 12 steel rolls available on the two maps. I cannot locate a warehouse or other supply point to obtain unlimited amounts of steel rolls.

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@N420DV said in Issues with Wisconsin...:

I drug the Paystar 5600 to the Sequoia tree with my Emil's Kolob. That thing is unstoppable, and does everything, everywhere.

"Mommy, I need your credit card.

My new Tank in 'World of Something' cant fly

My mage does not have enough hitpoints

my truck does not float on mud

Put the "X" where you want.

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@N420DV across the bridge right out ot the front gate of the paper mill is a crafting center. which make your steel rolls. now a new twist SR is doing is they will put a task right in front of a warehouse. they don't even have anything in common. but upon completing it gives you access as a reward. i believe the sheet metal plant is one of them. look for a task next or in plant and check it to see if it reads reward "access to location" do the task your mill will open up and you will have rolled steel/ and you won't need mommies credit card ..............................................................
and just a heads up there are 2 warehouses on the second map the same way. one by the steel crafting center and one that is located at the truck recovery 3 task location.

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How do you activate the production centers?
I have tried in various ways, but, the generator has fuel, but it does not produce anything, it is not clear what it asks to start production ....

@Roby1164 The contract "Starting the power plant" opens the site "Rolled metal production site" and the "Brick production site" in Black Badger Lake, and there are atleast 4 other warehouses in Grainwoods river blocked also where you need to do a Task for each to unlock them.(Currently I think one of that task i think is not finished and you can't complet it "US_03_02_LOST_TRUCK_01_TSK")

The ones that need the generator are the ones that has the lightning icon, and you must park and activate the generator inside the square marcked with a lightning and to craft things you need to do it from the other square marcked with a lightning bewteen brackets(If you activate correctly the generator that changes to a gear between brackets)

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@Roby1164 and when he says activate, when you are hooked to the generator press v and look at your pop up start generator option is there