saved game glitch

cannot access my saved games there recent both at completion of yukon . they go into loading screen i here it engage i/e map sounds . but the loading screen still shows and wont go away. i even walked away for an hour still stuck in that loading screen.

I also have the same issue with my "old" savegame I used since release.

I created a new savegame and unlocked all upgrades by save game editing, as well as restoring my level and money.


Are you able to use the Radar Trailer or the White Western/DAN? Because I did the same (after my old savegame wasnt loading at all), even did the mission to get the radar trailer - and I do have NONE of these mission trucks. Neither DAN nor White Western nor the "officially unlocked" radar trailer. I am not sure if this is a game bug. And I even tried to remove the "lock by mission" from the XML Files of the truck. No way, I simply do not have the e.g. White Western / dan or exploration unit available.

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