Game issues

Onl;y being able to save 10 gangs is redicuous, or atleast it will be once there's more than 5.

the game menu button cannot be clicked from the "back to hideout button" until you move it off then on again

there's still a deployment head glitch

pathdfinding needs work

unarmed ai just stand around getting shot and make no attempt to attack even after being shot multiple times and its clear hiding isnt an option

the ai splits its fighters after deplopying even if I've move multiple fighters into their deployment area and clearly I'm going to tear trhem appart the moment they spawn.

the end turn button randomly breaks

there needs to be more colouir options for ai gangs, you should add the palyers gang colours, and remix the existing palte colour locations atleast.

the ai, is obcessed with ziplines it ziplines back and forth the same two points

The ai will over watch right in line of sight infront of my fighters, when it needs to shoot or move

whena re we getting more gangs?

using multiple xziplines a turn breaks the animation for the ai

there are too few animations for non-relaod/shoot

on the L shaped medical boxes, when in the right hand the character holds on to thin air.

on the hardest difficulty the game is bearly even worth paying attention too.

in my alst session:

An Ai got stuck in the terrain
an AI decide the best thing to do was pick up two objective items and then end thier turn with movement points left
an AI decided to go up an elivator, and then jump right back off the evlivator
an AI decidedi it should hide in ambush beside a pilalr not behind it, so I could shoot it to death
an AI decided to kick the shit out of me with its pistol because the hand that had had a melee weapon was holding an item
AI decided to tune up, then end turn, without moving
AI though it would be best to lay a trap, realised that was dangerous and tiggered its own trap on the same turn it palced it.

the AI never thinks to shoot the guy with the least health, ergo reducing the number of guns pointed at it.

I won a game ont he hardest difficulty with a team of 4 at starter level.

I want to love this game, but every difficulty level being a varation fo baby's first xcom isnt cutting it.

1 aniamtion per weapon doesnt cut it. when you can strike 4-5 times a turn. you need atleast 2, jsut re-use the existing ones from other weapons

why is there no subtitle off button?