Experience bug / Gang overview bug

Last night, on the final shift of my operation, I decided to do a base raid for the extra 50xp for completing it. Did the mission, took out every enemy gang member, looted everything I could get my hands on ( 9 items) then finished the mission. on the exp screen I was only awarded 10xp for surviving the mission(should be 90 I am playing on hard) and no exp for completing the objective. just the exp for kills and Intelligence.

started a new op on hard. finished first mission. same thing was only award 10xp instead of 90 + kill exp etc. just completed the 2nd mission in the op, my 3rd archeotech brawl. and, surprise. exact same thing. then took a look at my gang stats page, and for some reason my total wins only reads as 2 rather than the 36? or 37 it should be. took a screen shot of it.. pretty much just for the record as I really don't care about this. but its a bug none the less.

Small update, the exp issue seems to have resolved itself after the 4th mission in the new operation. I am now earning the correct 90xp for surviving the mission rather than 10xp . No idea what caused this... or fixed this in the first place still however.

The XP thing can happen is you save/reload a mission or crash/reload. I've had that before.

About two weeks ago I also had my gang's tally of operation wins reset to zero. Weirdly the stats for other types of matches remained the same, only operation missions reset. I was at something like 90 wins at the time.

Hey, thank you for reporting 🙂

We're currently looking for this issue, in order to give some files to the devs so they can fix it!