PTS 12. Download still capped at very slow speeds.

Downloading mods still appears capped at ~22mbit, while monitoring snowrunner in taskmanager i've noticed it rarely jumps above 22mbit. If you have "limit fps while in background" on, it will slow the download further.


While in game. Jumps between 20 to 30mbit.

When tapped out of game. Jumps between 13 to 20 mbit.

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Issue still present in PTS 12.3.

have you tried to download mod's straight from website itself?

Yes, it's the same. When the site launched the speeds were good, now they're slow. What changed i don't know.

So if you dl same slow speeds via mods site then its an issue with your connection to the mods site not the game. Which this post is nothing the game dev can do anything about.

Yes that would be the initial impression. But there is no issue with the connection, when the site launched the speeds were good while they were bad in-game. Now they're bad both places.