Heavy footed seems bugged now

Since the update, and getting access to my gang back. My heavy that has the heavy footed (level 3) perk.. well... it just doesn't seem to work anymore, shooting cost isn't reduced. and she has her full movement points. Only noticed this today since that is my back up heavy. not sure what can be done to fix the problem, or even if deleting and re purchasing the perk will fix it.

I have the same issue, heavy footed just isn't working.

Yep I've also noticed this issue - annoying as it's such an obvious and great skill for a Heavy....

I knew there was something wrong with Heavies ever since the December patch. You all said I was mad, but no! I'm just sane in a mad world! Muahahahahahaa! 🙂

Yep please fix asap (the Heavies, not my insanity).

Hello guys, good year to everyone and we hope the better for you all!
Indeed, ther is an issue here, devs are aware and are working to fix this, it should be here in the next patch 🙂

Unfortunately, we can't give you any timeframe, we're only here to gather information about the technical issues you face 😕