About the current Log-Carrier-Addons...

Currently medium logs can only be transported with the trailer:


Are there maybe small logs with an addon directly mounted on trucks in planning? Like it was the case in mudrunner? That would be great! Also an addon directly on trucks for medium logs on the new paystar would be an idea - there is enough space for that.

I even would suggest additional "extra long logs" and a log-pol-trailer with an extended drawbar for trucks like the 2 pacifics, the new boar and other powerfull vehicles. 🙏 The long logs look a bit short on those machines.

Also by the way - why was the pacific p16 updated to excluded the current log-addon? I edited one on the truck regardless and to no surprise - it is a perfect fit. I mean in real life the p16 was used primarly for logging, after all

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well, now we see not “revamped and reworked” logging (as it were promised by devs), but a REDUCED AND CUT logging(

i hope its just PTS, and at least we will get back our:

  1. short logs and its trailers
  2. short and medium logs addons (on chassis)
  3. exsoviet and western logging addons/trailers DIFFERENCE
  4. scavenging

and some more, “revamping”:

  1. option (at least in hardcore mode) to set minimum number of logs to pack
    (2-3 like now / 5 / 10 / full stack (~20 in mr))

  2. endless logging missions, via fixed contest at least, but better via random mission scheme, or plain scheme, maybe via newly introduced cargo warehouses

  3. more logs? short/medium/long/ this new huge sequoia/ extra big and long for pacifics?

  4. ability to build new logging stations (sorry, greenpeace)
    so exiting logging sites can be emptied, and most maps has 2-4 sites to establish new one, by bringing a lot of materials, cabins and maybe some special hige semitrailer

  5. ?

Abit off topic here but what's that first truck mod called bro, in the first pic?
I know its the DLC truck but them tyres aren't available for it in the main game & i cant find any mods for that truck when i search. Or is it one you have modded for yourself?

I edited the P16 because I don't see any point in withholding that from a truck that was built 100% for logging,
it would be nice if the DEV, s or developers from SABER would see it the same way, and a somewhat larger load of wood for TRUCKS like the P16,
SnowRunner 01.01.2021 03_24_32 (2).png
and that is exactly what the P16s were built for, to transport timber loads of 100t and more, mostly in use on Vancouver Island

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we know...but you post pic of pacific with the load, tiny gaz 66 (4x4) can haul in this game

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@Stazco said in About the current Log-Carrier-Addons...:

well, now we see not “revamped and reworked” logging (as it were promised by devs), but a REDUCED AND CUT logging(

I really hope they will improve this and the actual PTS is very early content.
Otherwise they have betrayed us again.

yes unfortunately there are still no large long logs to load
and unfortunately it is considerably more difficult to tweeke the load in snowrunner than in mudrunner, where I simply doubled or matured the logs for my trucks from the available material

Hey. I need your help with modding Pacific P16, I have been trying to do the same as you with Pacific with no success. Do I have to do edit XML files or what. If you feel like helping me, my email is jaakko.hietanen@elisanet.fi. Waiting for your answer, Jaakko from Finland.

Since they took away small logs, do you guys think there is a possibility that they added a new size of logs ? Medium logs will now be small, large logs will now be medium and large logs will be a log size specially made for the p16 to haul around?

@Sewerrat I don't really know what they are still planning. They should listen to us. And hear what we want to this game. I don't get it why they removed small logs at least for now. What I have learned from earlier Spintires games is that sometimes it's better to use just the truck to carry logs, because it's hard to reach some places with truck that has trailer attached. In Snowrunner when delivering logs, my log trailer and Caterpillar falled down many times when I tried to bring logs to that Grainwoods River sawmill and then I thought that it would be lot easier to bring logs there just with truck. But i'm pretty sure they don't bring any new log types to this game because they are planning to release this Wisconsin DLC soon. It's a shame but what can we do except complain, nothing else I guess.

@Sewerrat said in About the current Log-Carrier-Addons...:

took away small logs

its a completely new game, with much more wider gameplay and possibilities than mudrunner.

so small logs is a must, medium/long too, and huge packs for pacific too!
sequoia “cargo” is a good addition, but huge packs much more essential. for p16, p12, tonar (boar).
maybe huge loads for oshktoshs and volats (kolobs), if they or their brothers (incl old/modern mzkt) were ever used for logging irl.

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