We all urgently need an update 12 phase 3 !!

We all urgently need an update 12 phase 3 !! Since Patch 12 Phase 3 Wisconsin Nothing is running like before on my Snowrunner PTS, the PTS doesn't start, freezes constantly, crash popups all over, black screens, blue screens what the hell is there? is there an update coming soon or do we have to wait a while longer ?? I have all maps with 100% Done, I want to finally get to the new Wisconsin Maps had a lot of work there !!

@936-Farmer-CH Don´t expect an update soon. First of all it just came out a few days ago... Secondly most devs are on holidays, they deserve some free time too. Also you are not "we all" and all those exclamation marks were not necessary. Glad Phase 3 is live on PTS, didn´t expect that to happen so soon. 👍

Still, Phase 2 is not yet fixed and my PTS crashed a lot also, had to reinstall it a few times, but now it works. Also I could not transfer my 100% savegame to PTS, only old ones (Had to be one before Season 1 in fact). 🤔 This is of course a bit worrisome, but devs should have enough time to fix that before phase 3 goes live.

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he is trolling...”pts freezes...but i need it now live”)))

Good morning Bellerophon .. thank you very much for your valuable information !! I wish you all a nice day and Happy New Year 2021 ..


Do you have a working "storage" for phase 3? Because any of my backups with the oldest from 09-2020 fails.

No, a resinstall did not solve the issue even with my oldest "storage" backups. And I assume its not a good idea to invest hundreds of hours for a new playthrough to get any upgrade again. Thats SHIT.

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@JTT Yeah I kinda have. Not with all the upgrades though.

It took hours, because like you I first tried to get one of mine (more than 50% completion) to work and it was not possible... Then I found a savegame on the web, where every map up exept phase 2 was uncovered, lots of trucks and almost no missions and contracts are done and I made it into my "new game +" - I changed the level from 6 to 29 and added some money and started to play in wisconsin. I only use my tweeked vehicles anyway, so I don´t care too much about the vanilla trucks, but all upgrades are visible on old maps (exept Yukon) and therefore easy to get.

I just sent you that savegame via the chat. You have to replace your "CompleteSave" in the storage with my version. You can ignore most of the other dat-files in your storage or even delete them. If it is not working you might have to reinstall the PTS-game completely, start it up once, log out, then replace the CompleteSave, start the game again and you should be good. 👍

@936-Farmer-CH Thanks, I wish you a happy new year too ☺ No ill feelings, I understand your frustration, but it is a PTS version for a reason, problems are to be expected. Best not to use the PTS for your main playthrough, but for testing the new maps. 😉
If you want, you can also have my new game+ season 3 savegame.

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@bellerophon i had the same problems with mine, but i had a level 8 unmodded save that worked, so i just edited that, and thenuse the monstrosity mod to run around and get all the upgrades as quickly as possible.

Good Morning Bellerophon .. Thank you for your quick feedback !! yeah send me your season 3 scores, I'll test it immediately if it works, would be really cool if it goes publicly on Wisconsin !!

Yep, "Problem solved". And I have also "unlocked" the upgrades on all maps. So I can use completely equipped trucks for testing.

The main question remains - how is it possible that dozens of old PTS saves are crashing the new PTS version?

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my 2 recent saves both completed yukon saves . it will go into the game sound wise but the loading screen is just indefinitely on. i cannot access either save. i am having to do wisconsin from lvl 1

Hey all Snowrunner PTS drivers, we have no choice but to wait until the Saber Interactiv development team is back to work !! I think we'll have the update in 10 days ..

Sunday 03/01/2021 PTS
I have deleted ALL PTS content, saves & cache.
Made new save starting from the beginning.

Game will not launch ~ produces crash report ~ HOWEVER, ignore crash report and game will go to missing mods ~ A: ignore and start game ~ ALL mods are missing. B: go through cycle of checking mods ~ of course there are none missing and game will now start.