PTS 12.0 and a live SaveGame not working

PTS 12.0 is not accepting most recent save game from live. As a PTS for the upcoming patch i thought it is supposed to work with an recent savegame, because when it goes live, then it has too. Anyone else with this problem?

I had copied the savegame folder with the long number from snowrunner/base to snowrunnerbeta/base. It ends up in a infinite loading screen after choosing continue in the game menu.

Starting a new game works just fine.

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yeah everybody has that problem and the devs know about it, im sure it will be fixed in the next PTS update

Same. Endless crashes and then an infinite loading screen if I can even get that far. EVERY. SINGLE. UPDATE. Without fail... well actually lots of fail.

Ok, thanks for your replies. Kind Regards JayDee