Westernstar 49 Logging Addons conflict

The crane and the BunkLog exclude each other in the xml, which does not make much sense. I fixed it for myself, but the setup you see here should also be possible on the stock struck:


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I think they didn't check the XML files after adding the new Addons, because the 49X is not the only truck with that problem at least I see that this happen to with the P12, Ford CT9000. I didn't check all the trucks but for sure there are more trucks with the same issue.

is able to get the terrian without any issues? Because in yukon that truck would get suck in small patches of deep mud.

@mastercap I tweaked the 49x, my version has power on all wheels, active suspension instead of liftaxle und more, so I can´t really answer that question...

@treneroefc On some trucks, like the P16 if I remember correctly the addon was added in xml as "not compatible"... So it was done on purpose, at least for now.