Minor miscellaneous issues (12.0)

A packed stack of logs.
Also, the yellow icon position & style are a bit different from the other cargo icons.

Remains of off-road low gears visible under the fine-tune gears.

Brick manual loading platform partially blocked by a sign. Cargo shifts after loading.
This is the brick framing structure near the flooded farm (Saving the farmers machinery) at Black Badger Lake.

Some yellow zones are very bright. Compare the first and last picture. In both cases, zones were activated (I was in loading cargo menu).

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A few utility poles floating in the air:

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The animation of the generator trailer is a little bit buggy. If I turn it off the doors open and the motor shuts down, if I turn it on, they close and the motos runs, which is confusing at least. Not every time, but it happens a lot.

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Axel on new long-log-trailer is incomplete:


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Locomotive is clipping into its trailer after contract was finished; seems there was no collision added:


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Dumb question: As I have now scouted both maps - is there enough steel to fulfill the missions? Factory bridge is asking for SIX steel bars and there are some more left. But there is neither unlimited steel supply nor enough steel to steal^wdisassemble on both maps.

Edit/Update: Ok, I got it.
(a) hook up the generator.
(b) drive with the generator in the crafting zone, you should switch it on with the functions menu
(c) then you can craft some goods from fuel.

I assumed that generator trailer was for a mission or something similar.

Well explained Sabre. Next time I'll write "I found a bug, guess what it may be".

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