Video settings not saved (12.0)

Changes in video settings are not saved. I have to update them after each launch.
Also, Motion Blur and Film Grain are not working.

Hey @Naktra

Could you provide your storage folder (C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\storage) and DxDiag file?

To get dxdiag, display the Run dialog using Windows+R, type dxdiag and tap OK. Then, save your dxdiag as .txt file and
send it to us, at .

@Talkerr0r Files sent. Thanks for the support!

Unfortunately, I also have a problem.
Each time you enter a game, the video settings return to a different position.
That is, it does not save the previously set values.
Unfortunately, this is true after every game launch.
The appropriate file is sent to the requested email address

Same problem here. I found a bit of a workaround though: If I replace "video.dat" with one from from an old savegame (standard game version), directly start the game and never go to videosettings, it at least seems to stay on high/ultra stettings for the most part and does not revert back to medium...

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I understand all this but if you don't go into the video settings menu again then where do you know that the solution you suggested was good ???
I tried it but for me, it didn't work.
I hope the dev team will solve it with the following fix ...

@endy-papp Yeah it is not a good solution. But I am pretty shure I got the draw distance up to high again - I did a comparison, but as you said I can´t really check it out...