Cartepillar TH357 logs grapple (Feedback 15)

Hello I was trying the new feature of logging and i realiced that only a few trucks(currently I'm only found one) can equip log carrier + log crane, and i found myself driving two trucks one with the crane and the other with the log carrier.

I feel that since there only a few trucks that can equip log carrier+log crane it would be a great addition if we can use the Caterpillar TH357 to load the logs with a log grapple add-on, that would make the TH357 more versatile and usefull and give more options for the loging activities.
Something like this:

Youtube Video

Greetings and keep it improving the game.

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Very nice point. We had that in mudrunner too.

Very nice idea, I like it, like the k700 in mudrunner

Hello, maybe will be nice the addition of a log grapple to the Cat TH357 it would be the perfect complement to manual load the new logging add-on on the Cat 745C.
That addition will give players more choices for manual load of logs and improve game inmersion because you can do it with a proper dedicated loader that can reamain in the loading zone and not waste a truck only to carry a crane without any other add-on.

Greetings and Keep it improving the game.

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I've used the tele-handler to bring out the odd log and to lift detached log trailers to help reattachments.

We need that !
And good point, it's not a new vehicle, but an add-on.

And in the datamining, someone found : ""Crane" - For Caterpillar TH357."

I think they wouldn't be allowed to do this due to strict licensing. They can't even put snorkels on yellow CATs so probably they can't put any aftermarket attachments on them either. If there was a CAT branded log grapple dedicated for TH357 then maybe it could be done.

I know that this is an old topic but today I was browsing through the Caterpillar website and I see in the page for the TH357D, that Cat offer different working tools to it, two of them seems to be suitable to handle logs, one is a Grapple Bucket and the other is a Muck Fork and Grapple.

And in the Attachments page they offer a big selection of log grapples too, but in this case i don't know if they compatible with the TH357 but probably some are.

Maybe this is a good oportunity to rethink the posibility to give the TH357 log grapples, to make it more usefull in the logging activities and more usefull in general.
If the th357 had the grapple maybe some players will prefer it instead of the logging crane, because they can have one permanently on the logging stations, for load the trucks and they can avoid the instalation of the crane on the trucks saving weight.


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And please allow a crane source socket to the fork, so that you can pick up cargo from the ground without trying to "fiddle" the fork below it. Even if you restrict the "cranesourcesocket" to half a yard similar to a chain or rope or ratchet strap.

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