3 Slots Bed (Feedback 12.5)

Hello, I was trying some of the new trucks and I feel like the 3 slots bed could be a great addition to some of the already in game trucks like for example the Pacific P12 and the Azov 73210, it looks like it fits on that trucks also.


Greetings keep it improving the game.

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Hello, is the addition of the 3slots bed planned for other trucks which appears capable of equip it?
In my opinion it would be a nice addition to the P12 and Azov 73210, at least for the P12 will be a game changer adding more use to the truck in deliveries and more options and dinamism to the game in general.

And other thing about the platform, why not add the 1 slot platform to the loadstar? in my opinion it makes no sense that the loadstar can equip the small crane but not the 1 slot platform.

Greetings and Keep it improving the game.

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