ISRT - Insurgency Sandstorm RCON Tool v0.7 released

Hi Admins and Server owners,

I just released version 0.7 with a couple of new features and changes. Introducing the Server Monitor, Insurgents side and Gamemode selector, as well as Day/Night view, you hopefully give my tool a try and see if you like it. I would love, to hear from you via my Discord (=TCT= Madman#2803), my Steam Account (=TCT= Madman) or via e-mail (

Download at:

alt text

alt text

Release Notes:

  • RCON commands are now automatically saved if not already in the history
  • Inserted Security/Insurgents DropDown Menu for selecting travel commands
  • Added rcon commands quit and exit as valid commands
  • Added server monitor to view all saved servers in one table overview
  • Added DB Table View to Server Manager for easier overview
  • Integrated Day/Night Display and Map-Pics
  • Re-Designed the server info box and a couple other GUI elements
  • Added DB Table View for online players directly on query execution
  • Implemented Threading for monitor to prevent app freeze
  • Added Maps Sheds, Stork_Castle_x Map, Frost, Temple, TORO and Bap
  • Changed the Mapchanger so the Scenarios are based on what the server provides
  • Removed the Side-Selector in the Mapchanger - now done by selecting the specific scenario

Known bugs:

  • When chosing random map change, the map is not updated correctly (NWI Server Bug reported; I unfortunately can't change false reporting on server side...)
  • Day/Night View is buggy after random map choice, because of faulty query implementation by NWI – can’t do anything about it

Thanks and HF

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Handsome work Madman! Should be distributed with the game on Steam, everyone benefits!