Game won't launch - black screen, closes, then epic game launcher re opens

Hi all,

Originally, I could load into the game no problem - only providing grounds. Turned off PC, came back later and now game won't even open for PTS at all.

Tried uninstalling, re-installing etc.

Any ideas?

Uninstall reinstall will not be of a big help most of the time if you pass the file verification.
Most of the problem will come from the game interacting with the save file, Epic/Epic store profile, drivers, third party software, and overall the environment it is running on.
After that you have to check what has changed since you restarted your computer.

All that comes into my mind is uninstal all the mods and after the mods uninstall the Public Test Server, once the Public Test Server was uninstaled erase the folder "documents/mygames/SnowRunnerBeta" , once the folder was erased, reinstall the PTS again and don't try to load any previous game from the live version where you have done any progression in Imandra and in Yukon.

Maybe that will help you.

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Sorry, thats not a solution. Discovering all updates again? WTF....

I can personally start a new game in Michigan, but i cannot load a PTS-Backup as early as Mid-November. Yeah 😕

@JTT In my case i'm using and old file from the live version previous to the launch of Yukon where I'm almost starting and since I load that file and made some progresion in Wisconsin the PTS didn't crash again, but if I try to load the most recent of my saves with progresion in Yukon the PTS crashes, so I suspect any file previous to the launch of yukon will work

And I do not have that save "before Yukon" any more. Too old.

Can you provide your working "storage" ? Rediscovering Yukon with some upgrades is not that of a big deal.

Recent saves all crashing constantly for me as well. Going to try uninstall and reinstall. Yay broken games!
EDIT: Somehow this made it worse. Game crashing while is still running behind the crash dialog. Super unstable. Ridiculous.

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