Suggestion: Add Keybind option for Sprint(hold and / or toggle)+ Focus aim(hold and / or toggle)

Hey Guys!

Sorry if this has been posted before.
I bought the game a few monts ago and had tons of fun with it.

The controls are mostly okay for me, I just miss having more combo options for keybinds like the melee+change optics
My reasoning is it adds simplicity and more control over your actions if you can set more than 1 action on your peripherals.

Is there anything that prevents adding theese options?
Thank you for taking the time to read my quick suggestion 🙂

I agree with that. It would also be nice if we could bind keyboard shortcuts to individual actions.
And if the "hold/toggle" options were made as a toggle switch, rather than an additional bind. I mean like it's was make in PUBG or EFT. 9b895481-38ad-494d-8490-be7fa3f05ec6-image.png