Mt Misery coming to mudrunner!

Anyone who's been around for a while probably remembers the map mt misery for spintires that Stetson and i collaborated on his models and bouncer,my map and xml tweaks to his bouncer... This was before I made mods, only maps. Well I've officially converted it to mudrunner. I'm making some tweaks to it to fit the new physics we have. Along with it I've made a bouncer which I've shown a few pics of but I've done allot to it aswell. I'm planning on changing as much as I can to really flesh out this style of racing. I have some other things I'm gonna edit physics wise to make the best possible environment. If there's enough interest in this I'll have a go at other motor sports! Stadium trucks? I've had an idea for a while to make premade track pieces for mappers to make any type of track quickly without having to shape the terrain for every jump not sure how it will work but I think it would be cool to have as a pack for mappers. Anyways no pics yet but I'll be testing the map today so a download will be available this weekend for the map!

@DrGoNzO1489 HYPE TRAIN!!!!!! Cant wait to rip this map.