Just changed GPU to AMD 6800xt, encounter a terrain texture Bug

[0_1608265479016_29f0e1799b2890136d1e2406e345e106.mp4](Uploading 100%)

The ground terrain is flickering at far distance while moving, seems like a bug for AMD graphic card, any solution to this? Thanks

I got the same bug of flickering dark texture with the rx6800. Wait a fix/driver fix the bug. No problem with another game.

Same bug with AMD RX 6900 XT, plowed through every setting, turning features up/down, on/off, both in game and driver to no avail -- it manifests like some old texture z fighting issue more common in older games. Likewise I don't experienced this in any other engines Tech, Snowdrop, AnvilNext, IW, Frostbite, or even any other LSS render Unreal Engine game; so this has to be some kind of map formatting issue fighting with RX 6k drivers...

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Just created a new post about this, along with a screenshot. AMD 6900Xt.