Ganger stuck

I have a mission were a NPC ganger is stuck in terrain and cannot move (i.e. is running on the same spot without ever being able to move from that spot...).
The ganger set up an ambush and an enemy NPC ganger tries to move in the vicinity which starts the ambush. But the stuck ganger can never reach his target and he is running forever in place in that piece of terrain. I stop the game via ALT+F4, but on loading the game agin, the same happens.
I will probably have to forfeit that mission because of that stuck enemy 😠

You can delete the mission data - don't delete any other parts of your save files, just that specific mission file).

If you delete the mission data, when you reload the game it will take you back to your gang HQ, telling you that you forfeited the mission. You won't get any injury or lost equipment penalties for forfieting in this way though 🙂

I tried that, but it did not work, the mission file showed up again after I reloaded the game.

Can you lead me through the process?

Hello @Starwalker , sorry to hear that.

Could you please send me some details on where it happened? Map screenshots/video from where the fighter is stuck would be the best! Also as you are on PC, would it be possible for you to send your log files, so we can take a look and correct this issue?
Thank you for your report and sorry again for this blocker, we'll try to help you out from this situation!

@Focus_HugoM I have sent my savegame to, subject of the email is "NPC ganger stuck in terrain"

Anything new here about that problem?

Team has been and is still working to correct the pathfinding issues as a whole. Those improvements are aimed to prevent those cases to happen and we will let you know when it's available in a patch note, as usual 🙂

@Focus_HugoM Will this get the ganger in my actual game out of that situation? Because, I am not playing Necromunda since that happened, I am waiting for a solution of the problem.
I do not want to forfeit and endure the penalties for something that is NOT my fault, and neither do I want to begin anew with a new gang 😞

@Starwalker Can't tell for sure, but ususally i you wait long enough the AI will find a way to unstuck itself, or it will end turn for trying to long.
Sorry, I know it's what you want to hear, but best I can advise you for now if you want to resume playing now is try to wait and see if AI can unstuck itself after 2-3 minutes, or wait for the patch to come 😕

@Focus_HugoM Simply waiting does not work, I have been waiting for 5 minutes and nothing happens that stops that ganger's ambush. You did never have a look at my save yourself, did you?

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Oh yeah sorry I got it, I mixed up your issue with another one.
Indeed, this case won't unlock itself by waiting, sorry, I misread when I looked again at your comment.

Would it be possible that you send back your message? Support can't seem to find your previous mail.

@Focus_HugoM I resent it to the same address as above ( but changed the subject a bit, it is now: "NECROMUNDA - NPC-Ganger stuck in terrain"

EDIT: The first email was sent when I opened this thread, on December 16,2020.

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@Focus_HugoM The new patch does not seem to be a remedy to my problem... ☹

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