worth it?

So it seems, that the game is 50% off on Xbox. After some updates, is the game worth buying now? I was really looking forward to playing it but the bad reviews at launch prevented it.

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it depends, when it works, its fun. when you get hit by said bugs, its not. I don't regret my purchase.

I've had the game since day one and honestly, it has/had potential but the company is suuuuper shady. They ignored us in the beginning which cause animosity, the game was marketed as a full game when it clearly wasn't ready, they worked on PAID DLC while their core game was still broken for many players, this game smells of a cash grab.

I'd wait, wait until it's 75% off, you're really not missing much and it most definitely will go on a better sale considering is abysmal reception.

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed and annoyed, they wouldn't even accept refunds for a game that didn't work.

If you liked Mordheim then I'd say yes, even if overall it's not as good as its predecessor, it has enough differences to feel fresh and a similar enough basic set up that if you should find things you like. Haven't many bugs personally, but also not played on the Xbox

I have already experienced focus' "way" with snowrunner. That's why I'm asking. It's basically the same all over again.
I'll wait.
I never played mordheim. I was interested in this game, because it's warhammer 40k.
Some time ago, I read that there are no bolters?

There's bolt pistols and the heavy bolter but as far as I know the bolters themselves aren't in the game, there's a fair amount of weapons that weren't added and I assume they'll be paid DLC down the road.

You made the right decision in my opinion, especially if you've had issue with their games and the way they handle them before, this ones probably the worst case but I'm also not super knowledgeable on Focus, if this ISN'T the worst for them I'd run not walk lol.

Enjoy your gaming!

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Yep, bolters are in the game now...they are fun to use but, you want to max out accuracy and ranged apptitude. Plus invest in skills that can up you crit %

I took out three full health gangers with one heroic barrage .....not gonna lie, felt pretty good.

Honestly I think now is a pretty good time to get the game. It's still a little buggy/crashy at times, and I recommend backing up your save data once per Operation so you don't lose your favourite gang(s), but most of the really serious issues are now fixed and there seems to be a clear intention to add the remaining gangs plus other extra features over the next few months.

I expect the Cawdor and Delaque gang releases will be timed to coincide with the upcoming board game books on the same topic, since the Van Saar DLC was released at the exact same time as the new Van Saar rulebook/gang models were put up for preorder on the Games Workshop website (i.e. last weekend).

I'm hoping we get a new ganger type that is accompanied by a House pet, maybe a follow-up to story mode that features the three latter gangs, and some extra surprises like Ambull encounters or other random monsters.

Ideally I'd love to see a Genestealer Cultist gang too 🙂

I like that idea of ambull/random encounters missions.... horde of exploding rats, plague zombie waves....so much that could happen.

I’d like for weapon damage adjustments as well. Autoguns/Lasguns should not be so powerful.... and several need upped like plasmagun/plasma pistol.

Leaders should be allowed to use any non heavy weapon....like I’d like my deadeye leader to use a power sword and bolt pistol together.

Eschers need needle weapons and energy whips. Leaders need combi-weapons, like melta/autogun or las/flamer.

I agree completely with your point about the power of several weapons. I expected Plasma to be amazing but the best weapon type is clearly Autopistol/gun/cannon.