Visual Bug -> Player Customization -> Equipment Color

On my Security class, I have the Tan color selected, and Black on Insurgents, but when I open up the game, or switch presets, the color of the vest (sometimes the Carrier too) will switch to another color (it looks like sand, or a slightly more green'ish color), until I change it back to Tan.
When I open up the Shooting Range, it still shows the Sand/green'ish color, not the Tan.
It's not a huge deal I know, but character customization is one of my favorite parts of this game, and I always get a little sad whenever there's a bug with it.

I'm sure there are other, more urgent things, you have to focus on right now, but if it got fixed I would be so so happy!

Best regards, Fakskis

I'm having the same issue literally came onto the forums to report this.

yeah i have the same issue as well. Not a big deal, but still.
Here is a video of the bug, recorded by me.
Youtube Video

im having the same issue, it is really frustraiting.