practicaly unplayable

started in the yukon and was going good. now does not regester when i deliver a cabin, menu does whatever it wants, cant get back in the garage to recover. also can not do the time trials back in michican that i had saved for later, ever had my tartaran fly all over the map in alaska. ii tried different maps thinking it was just one area but its all of them. i in all honesty can not do anything on any map at all!

Hello @slayer283
Pay attention, this is a Mudrunner subforum not Snowrunner one.
Nevertheless thank you for the report.
This is a known issue with local map menu now, we are working on a solution.
As a temporary workaround:
Try to deliver all cargo before the cabins.
Then put the cabins to the required place to complete the task.
Then take them away to avoid the local map menu issue.
If you are stuck in the local map menu and cannot leave it, try to spam "back", sometimes it helps.