Since the in-game bug report functionality does not appear to work at the moment, I am instead posting the bug report here. Please let me know in case there's any alternative location I can use to report issues like this and I'll be happy to report this there again.

It's not possible to resupply rifle grenades on the M1 Garand by quickly tapping F/the resupply key. Even if the player's inventory of rifle grenades is completely empty, the only way to restock is by performing a full resupply.

While I could imagine that this is due to the game mechanic of the M7 grenade launcher (i.e. that it uses both rifle grenades and a separate magazine), this seems more like an oversight to me.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Equip a M1 Garand.
  2. Add any rifle grenade upgrade (e.g. M7 Smoke).
  3. Fire the entire inventory of rifle grenades.
  4. Attempt to resupply at least one rifle grenade by quickly tapping F/the resupply key.
  5. Notice that the inventory does not change and it's not possible to reload a new rifle grenade.