Pinewood Express BUG

After the "Pinewood Express" task is activated, it shows that the time is exhausted and the task has failed.

Also happens to me after a few seconds!

@Love-Focus Did you start the task day time or early morning?
This task must activate and finished during night time.

The "Pinewood Express" contest presently also terminates after a few seconds if it is started at night. This special condition has been changed presumeably, because if you open the contest info, it doesn't say "Complete during night" anymore, now it says "Time limit present". This is broken at the moment (tested on 2 differnet PS4s with 2 different accounts and 2 different savegames). Please investigate. Thank you.

I have that bug too on my PC version

Patch 1.15 arrived today, nothing mentioned in the patch notes about a fix for "Pinewood Express" challenge, nevertheless I thought I'd give it a try and went to go for it, and ... I was able to finish it!