Anyone else lost all their gang Infamy?

I've lost all mine now, thanks to the November patch. It doesn't get restored after each Operation any more, like it used to 😞

I lost around 225 before the Nov patch by playing the story. Could be a new bug or previous that wasn't fixed. Couldn't tell from your details.

You can get (some) infamy back fairly quickly previous infamy thread

Hi, sorry to hear about that, could you tell me more?

On which platform do you play on?
What did you do before the issue happened? Infamy points are not restored if you surrended a sector and did not complete a new one with this gang, do you think it could be that?

Also if you have any files we could check, we are interested (all procedures to send save nor log files here:
We'll try to figure out what's going on as soon as we are more details 🙂

I am playing on PS4.

It's not caused by abandoning a sector. Basically, my gang is now at -95 Infamy and if I win a sector that total gets reverted to zero. If I abandon a sector, the total stays at -95. If I earn more Infamy during my current Operation, that does get counted. For example, if I earn 5 Infamy then win a sector, my Infamy balance is restored to 5 (instead of 100).

Prior to the bug, my Infamy was 95. Therefore what's clearly happened is all the Infamy I earned prior to downloading/applying the November patch has been 'lost'. The game now thinks my 'nil balance' is -95, instead of zero.

I've tested various fixes, such as winning two sectors in a row, but the bug doesn't get fixed. I start a new Operation at either zero Infamy, or whatever small number of points I managed to earn post-patch (e.g. Fully Wired, since that's now working).

The bug hit my gang when I installed the November patch. At that time, my gang was about halfway through an Operation. I had invested all my Infamy into purchases, reducing it to zero. That zero transformed into -95 as soon as the patch arrived.

I have never completed Story mode. I reached the 5th Chapter then stopped, so I have never earned any story-related Infamy. All my Infamy points come from other types of achievements, such as getting five gang members to Rank X, or killing 50 Heavies, etc.

When I create a new gang, they start with zero Infamy. I don't know if this is working as intended?

This bug is especially annoying since now that my gang is maxed-out and still missing the lost max stat increases caused by previous bugs, the only way I can upgrade my gang members is via that special consumable item that awards more max stat upgrades. I was hoping to collect copies of that item from the reward caskets you can purchase with Infamy at the start of an Operation.

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